Trace Your Lineage - Claim Your Land Grant

Eileen McKenzie Fowler has found that, despite being a couple of hundred years after the fact, there are instances where the heirs of lands granted 200 years ago or more, are being paid royalty interests today from wells being drilled on their ancestors' land. Eileen Fowler possesses all of the resources to take whatever legal steps are necessary to promote the family's recovery efforts.

Her proven record in bringing justice to the underdog serves her well when meeting and organizing family groups of up to 100 individual members, as well as smaller groups. To date, she has successfully represented hundreds of South Texas families. She has a system of helping families unite and work together to keep the costs down for each family member. She has committed herself to helping as many South Texas families as possible, because she wants to see justice done.

Search Our Records

Over the years, we have traveled to jurisdictions all over South Texas and Mexico to obtain original records from the 1700, 1800, and early 1900's. We are adding to our lists every day, so please continue to look for the record you want, since additional records are being added to the list every day.

We hope soon to have in place the technology that will allow you to view a record before ordering it, but for now, please review the list and if you find a record you know you need, simply order it online using your credit card, or contact us online or call our offices at 281-471-8856 to request a particular record. The cost of each record is just $25.00.

All records on the list have been admitted in court as part of proof packets supporting Declaratory Judgments.

If you are trying to complete your lineage to an original Spanish or Mexican land grantee, this may be the place where you can find the missing link.

We appreciate your patience as we complete construction of this web site. In the mean time, we hope you find what you are looking for.